Don’t judge out of fear

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I spend time literally every day with some very wonderful people. When I enter their homes, I am warmly greeted, and invited to sit. I am served tea and coffee with warm smiles. Wonderful food is always served, and I am always given the best of what is in the house. I always feel at home, sitting and talking late into the night.

But I also hear the unimaginable difficulty these people have walked through. I hear of homes destroyed, running, shooting, mothers having to choose between children because there is only time to save one. I have heard a story of a car full of people who went past a military checkpoint and the soldiers simply decided to keep one of the girls in the car. The family had no choice but to move on if they wanted to escape with their lives. Possessions are taken away. Families are broken apart and never heard from again.
And even though we can never even close to imagine what these families have gone through, we many of us chose to shun them. To label them all as terrorists and bloodthirsty zealots who who bomb cities and take heads. We try to keep them out of our country even though they are running for their very lives and need somewhere safe to go. People who just want peace can never find acceptance.
These people are Muslims.
Though we’d never admit it, we are afraid. We stereotype all Muslims into being like the extremists we see on tv. People think that shunning them and stripping away their rights and dignity will somehow keep them safe from terrorists when what they don’t realize is that most Muslims  aren’t like that at all. The very Muslims we are naming as the enemy are the ones who have lost everything at the hands of extremist groups in the Middle East. They have all the more reason to hate. What have we lost? NOTHING! Yet we disregard and hate those who have lost everything.
I fear for us as believers. We are going farther and farther from Jesus’ true Plan for the church. This is the true test here and now and at the first real trial we cower back in fear. We have got to love strong and not live in fear of those whom God has put right in our path to minister to! I can only cry out to God for mercy on us as I watch this happen.
Please, please, don’t lump all Muslims together just because of what you see in the news. Love and accept like Jesus did.
Muslims are nnot our enemy. Satan is. And he wants us to hate others instead of expanding The Kingdom and leading them to Christ and His love. Jesus loves Muslims, He died for them Just as He died for you, and He would do it again even if the last person on the planet were Muslim. Love them like He did.

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