Right here, right now.

if onlyI want to touch the world and leave a mark. Not my mark. Jesus’ mark.

I believe that people, ordinary people, can change the world just by loving people like Jesus did. Of course, we could never perfect the love of Christ, but isn’t it something to strive for? I mean, instead of sitting around waiting for the attention of the world to be on you, waiting for the spotlight to be on you, why don’t we start right here, right now, by loving Jesus and pouring out His love on others?

Love Jesus. You cannot pour out if you are empty. You can’t. You’ll burn out, and make things worse. If you are not full, you CANNOT pour out! Let Jesus fill you. You can’t love people without Him. You can “love” them, but you can’t LOVE them.

We are not promised tomorrow. And we aren’t promised a big organization to run or the world’s attention on us. But we have the people around us. The whole world is a mission field. Your own home is a mission field. Start here. If you could glorify God just by changing the life of one person, would it be enough?

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